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Luxury Home Elevators For Sale In China

Homefriend & Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd is a professional luxury home elevators supplier in China, specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling all kinds of luxury home elevators. With advanced technology and a professional elevator assembling team. Our products have been exported to many countries with a good reputation.

Our products cover escalators, passenger elevators, hospital elevators, sundry elevators, sightseeing elevators. Freight elevators, moving walkways, and total solutions for your buildings.

With the spirit of “Quality First” and the idea of “Customer Focused”. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit us.

luxury home elevators

Why Should You Consider Our Luxury Home Elevators?

If you are looking for a home elevator that is sleek and stylish. Our luxury home elevators are the right choice for you.

Our luxury home elevators are made of the highest quality materials,  and they’re built to last. They’re one of a kind and you’ll never find another elevator like it anywhere else. They stand out both in appearance and practicality, so you can get all the benefits of owning an elevator without too much worry!


We offer a variety of different styles of elevators, suitable for most homes or office buildings. They can save energy, are safe and quiet, and could become a luxurious part of the luxury housing industry. They provide artistic and barrier-free access to the home, and our professional engineers will develop a suitable solution specifically for your home’s circumstances.


These elevators have different appearances and interiors to adapt to blend into various building structures without appearing obtrusive and uncomfortable. That’s how confident we are that these luxury home elevators will be perfect for your home!


The Unique Features of Our Luxury Home Elevators

Our luxury home elevators will be the perfect addition to your home. They’re simple to install and do not need a machine room—but they do require a space for the control cabinet. Also, elevators are safe and comfortable, with smooth operation and accurate stops. They also feature emergency self-rescue features that assure the more thoughtful and reliable transport of the elderly and children.


These luxury home elevators are energy-saving and environmentally friendly too—they get into power-saving mode automatically if operating instruction is not given within a certain period. In addition, they’re furnished with overload protection and optoelectronic protection devices, and the elevator is provided with an emergency call system.


Why Choose Fuji Elevator For Your Luxury Home Elevator Needs?

As a reliable luxury home elevator supplier, Fuji Elevator provides you with top-of-the-line and energy-efficient elevators. Our machines have low operation noise, low vibration, and comfortable rides. We use integrated control systems to ensure reliable operation and employ leading international brands in the contactors and relays.


If you are looking for high-quality products and a reliable service provider in China, it is nice to give us a chance then your satisfaction is our permanence.


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