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Trusted lift Making Company

Homefriend & Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale professional lift-making company in China with integrates R&D, design, production sales and installation, and after-sales services.
Enhancing the lift-making experience with professional elevators for many years, Homefriend & Fuji Elevator has the best elevators and escalators that provide our customers an opportunity to scale any height, at home or in any public building with much ease and comfort.

As a leading lift-making company, we specialize in designing and supplying the best quality passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, hospital elevators, freight elevators, sundry elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.
With advanced technology and in meeting customer and professional market needs and requirements, our lift-making company works to provide our customers with the best building lifting solutions in the market.


Capabilities of our lifts

Designed by a modern and fully equipped research and development facility. Homefriend lift-making company brings you the best elevators with such capabilities as:

lift making 1Excellent leveling accuracy: With perfect coding technology, our lifts guarantee high precision leveling accuracy which can be with 5mm.

Safety: We are a lift-making company that believes in the safety of our products by making sure that the traction function is smooth and operates optimally in any condition. We employ a guardrail and infrared sensor to safeguard the entry and exit of people.

Energy efficient: Made with the customers’ needs in mind, our products are designed with features to make energy consumption low and efficient.

High performance: Designed by a qualified R&D workforce, our elevators offer high-performance functioning providing good movement, less noise, and efficient opening and closing of the doors.

lift making 1

Operational stab ility: With an inverter motor and good lubrication, our lifts give good operational functionality and are very smooth in the ascents and descents.

Quality: At our lift-making company, we believe in quality. Our customers are assured of excellent quality of products as we employ strict quality measures and we meet international requirements.

Strong: With a rugged cabin, anti-collision guardrail, and fully automatic selection functions, we take pride in lift-making that gives our customers value for their money and the best products to meet their needs. Our elevators are strong and effective, employing protective measures that make them strong and long-lasting.



Made with the customer needs in mind, our range of elevators is meant for many applications such as:
• Offices
• Homes
• Hospitals
• Shopping malls



In this age of modernization and technological growth, the lift-making industry continues to witness the demand for not only quality but also cost-effective and safe elevators and building solutions. Homefriend lift-making company is committed to not only being the best supplier of elevators and lifts in the market but also efficiently meeting our customer’s needs.
With a qualified technical workforce and advanced technology, we bring you the most energy-efficient, top-quality, reliable, and customer-driven home and commercial elevators. Our lifts and elevators present a great experience of safety, quality, and high-speed lifting solutions to different industries. To get more information about our lift-making or enquire about our products, we are here for you. Call us today.



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