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Home Elevator Sales Company in China

Home elevators come in many types and styles. Contact Homefriend & Fuji Elevator for reliable home elevator sales.


home elevator sales


You should consider installing a house elevator if you or a family member has a higher risk of falling owing to age or a preexisting medical condition and you reside in a multi-level home.


A home elevator, when properly placed, offers both security and mobility. Additionally, it will greatly lessen the likelihood of mishaps occurring at home, which is very welcome in these lonesome times. If people are less at risk in their homes, fewer people will use the already overburdened healthcare system.


The benefits of installing an elevator in your home are numerous, both practically and emotionally. Stair climbing may be an unpleasant, exhausting ordeal for people with mobility issues. That, plus the potential of a tumble down the steps, can make things quite precarious.


An excellent house elevator is a good alternative to selling a two- or three-story home if relocating into an assisted living facility is not an option due to cost or mobility issues.


home elevator sales


Thankfully, nowadays, customers may find home elevator sales companies that offer reasonably priced solutions and allow for the personalization of their elevators. And it’s a huge help to the elderly who struggle to get around. The ease and comfort that home elevators bring to their lives are unparalleled. There will be no more lugging heavy furniture or lugging it up and down flights of stairs.


Can an elevator be installed in an already-built home?


Though conceivable, retrofitting an elevator into a preexisting property is more challenging than designing one from the get-go. Unless it’s a stair lift, vertical platform lift, or inclined platform lift, the construction and installation time will increase.

You may need to make some structural adjustments to your home, but those will vary with the sort of lift you get. This is necessary to make room for necessities like a hoist-way or the shaft that a conventional elevator uses to travel between floors. Your architect should incorporate the elevator shaft into the house plan so that the elevator can be hidden or integrated into the building’s design. Additionally, the cost of the elevator will be lower.

Home lifts should be installed in convenient, open areas with plenty of room around them. In that position, they won’t get in the way of anyone walking around.


Does putting in an elevator make a house more valuable?


According to some estimates, a home elevator can increase a property’s value by as much as 10%. It’s a huge plus for families with elderly members or those with mobility challenges looking to buy a home. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, the added convenience of a house elevator is a major selling point. For homeowners, this means they can age in place without risk.


Elevator Types Homefriend & Fuji Elevator Provides


  • Passenger Elevator
  • Hospital Elevator
  • Panoramic Elevator
  • High-speed elevator
  • Villa elevator
  • Freight Elevator
  • Intelligent stereo garage


Count on Homefriend & Fuji Elevator for Home Elevator Sales


To this day, Homefriend & Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. remains one of China’s most prominent house elevator manufacturers and suppliers. Our staff is committed to working with you to choose the option that best meets your requirements. From home elevators to industrial lifts, we have what you need, along with a variety of helpful extras.

We’ve been around for a while, and throughout that time we’ve built a solid reputation for providing excellent service at reasonable rates. Since we’ve been in business for so long, we’ve figured out how to provide the greatest service possible to our clients. So, for any queries regarding home elevator sales contact us today


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