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Platform Type Villa Elevator

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high standard

It is designed as per European standard EN81-41.

It sets sensing side-frame, hand anti-clamping, obstacle-free around the platform.

Mechanical blocking device

It sets mechanical blocking device, hoist-way trigger below the well with convenient operation.  It is easy to reset.

ARD emergency leveling function

Standard ARD emergency leveling function:  If elevator comes upon any obstacle, it automatically returns to nearby floor.

Web of Things system

Web of Things system cloud storage executes real-time long-distance monitor to running conditions.

Absolute value control system

It applies the most advanced absolute value control system to replace for the traditional limit switch, speed governor etc.  It carries out real-time monitor to platform running position.  Accuracy can fulfill 0.1mm.

One-key SOS

If any passenger is trapped, continuously press “SOS button” for 5 second.  Car automatically dials preset telephone numbers.  Please wait for rescue

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