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Machine Room Freight Elevator

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JFUJI small machine room freight elevator solution plan combines with asynchronous geared host with large traction capacity. It can satisfy large tonnage goods transport with 1T to 20T loading range. It is applicable for logistics field, factory, warehouse, shopping center, supermarket, airport, bus station etc. It serves vast users with high efficacy and human-centeredness by the production advantages, safe; constant; precise and energy-saving technologies.

 advantages bring about a different goods transport

Multiple door opening modes satisfy your different goods transport requirements;

Large width door-opening satisfies free entry / exit of large goods;

High intensity compression-resistant section material satisfies transport of large weight goods;

Highly intensive leveling effect satisfies entry and exit of both passengers and goods.

Large Door-opening Width Freer Entry / Exit

2P side opening

4P center opening

Single door

Opposite door

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