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Easier Half-Intellectual Parking

In addition to improving the density of vehicle capacity and space utilization rate, low cost and simple operation make parking more environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable.

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Easy hoist


Running principle

Easy hoist type mechanical parking is of no-man mode.  It moves the automobiles after people leave the automobiles.


Firm and simple infrastructure, fast construction

More than double of original parking spaces while area remains unchanged

It sets multiple safety protection devices with safe, reliable and smooth operation.

It is the most economical parking equipment with simple structure, flexible operation.

Applicable range

Enterprises and institutions, residential quarters, underground area etc.


No avoidance



No avoidance from stereo parking

It adds 100% parking spaces with small covering area.

Independent set, clear property right

Strong adaptability, simple installation, high independence

It can have manual release to fetch the car with simple operation, economic running.

Elegant and beautiful model

Applicable range

It is applicable for small and narrow areas. It is applicable for underground garage, ground structure space, environments with high space terrain requirements.


2F elevation horizontal-movement


Running principle

It fulfills automobile fetch entry / exit functions through front supporting arm, motor chain drive carrier plate.


Automobile back-up without any obstacles

Prompt and convenient up / down for automobile  operators

It gives a full use of space.  It enhances  the parking quantity.

Broad parking space, effective fetch, smooth running with low noise

Multiple safety protection, safe and reliable equipment

Standard modular combination, low garage  trouble rate

Applicable range

It is applicable for underground garage and ground structure space.  It suits various environments with high space terrain demands.


7F elevation horizontal-movement



It saves the covering area with high utilization rate of space.

Plural units, multi-row arrangement of space and floors

Easy, effective and convenient operation, smooth running with  low noise

Multiple safety protection devices

Standard modular combination,  low trouble rate

Elegant and beautiful model

Applicable range

Standard modular combination can satisfy the parking requirements below 7F.

It is applicable for underground / ground space garage and environments with high terrain demands.

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