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Elevator Re-Installation Solution Plan

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Prompt & convenient installation

It goes through modular pre-assembly before leaving the factory with sectional treatment.  It only requires modular sectional hoist, connection for site installation without welding.  It reduces its influence to daily lives of residents to minimum extent.

Small covering areas

High utilization rate of machine room-less well:  Steel structure well-frame organically combines with elevator devices.  It perfectly matches with the original buildings.  It only covers an area of 3 to 5 square meters.  It does not block any fire-fighting passageway.  It does not occupy any public space.

Professional teams

It owns the independent re-installation project service teams with the rich industrial experiences.  We are familiar with elevator re-installation flows.  It accurately, effectively and scientifically executes re-installation plans.  It is professional and trustworthy.

Super-high well utilization rate

It innovatively optimizes elevator re-installation structure.  It enhances the well utilization rate.  Under various loading capacities, it owns the higher well utilization rate.  With equal well plane sizes, it owns the larger practical elevator areas.

High quality steel frame well

It utilizes fixed-shape steel materials.  It applies the unique design and technology for making.  Steel structure well is designed and manufactured by the professional teams.  It can suit various complex building structures.  It perfectly combines with the original buildings.

Double-layer laminated glass

Well wall applies double-layer laminated toughened glass.  It is effectively isolated from heat, sound.  It is highly secure.

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