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Introduction to Homefriend & Fuji Elevator

Homefriend & Fuji Elevator is one of the world’s leading escalator manufacturers. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality moving walkways. We manufacture different types of Passenger Elevator, Villa Elevator, Cargo Elevator, Escalator, Old Building Retrofitting, and Stereo Garages.

As one of the trusted escalator manufacturers, we pay attention to the safety of the users. For this reason, we use cutting-edge safety technology in the making of these escalators. To increase the longevity and durability of these escalators, we use high-quality materials. Using high-quality material also ensures long-lasting smooth performance and minimal downtime. Along with that, all of our moving walkways are energy efficient and they are committed to reducing energy costs. They are appropriate for use in especially high-traffic areas like shopping malls, airports, and train stations.

Safety and Durability
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These escalators are suitable for taking huge amounts of load and are perfect for use in busy areas. They can transport a large flow of people from one place to another place or one floor to another floor. They come with a reliable operating system that helps to operate without frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. Along with it, they provide a smooth user experience without any jerks and sudden stops. Aside from the user experience, they come with an aesthetic design that can improve the ambiance of the place. These escalators are designed by our expert designers who have years of experience.

Performance and Efficiency
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These moving walkways and escalators are easy to maintain which is very crucial for use in high traffic areas. As there is less time for fixing and cleaning, easy-to-maintain escalators are good options for busy places. They operate quietly which helps to minimize disruptions and provide a more pleasant environment for users. These escalators are easy to install and we have professionals who can give the instructions related to it.

Reliability and User Experience
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Each of our products is produced under a strict quality control system, and we have a good product warranty. The warranty period is 12 months after delivery, if any problems occur during the warranty period, we will be ready to help you. We also have customizations to meet the requirements along with excellent quality and after-sales service. We provide quotations to you within 24 hours.

Quality Control and Warranty & Customization and Service
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Global Certifications and Contact Information

As a reliable escalator manufacturer, we and our products have received many global certifications. To learn more about our escalator manufacturer company. Or to order our moving walkways please contact us.

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